The Power of Hogan Personality Assessments

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Awareness ignites transformation.

“What a great mix of the science and the human insight that makes the assessment tools come alive, enriching discussion and understanding.”
VP of Global Talent, Estee Lauder

In our coaching work, personality assessments can be the key tool to help clients grow personally and professionally. Of all the personality tests available, we at FPC choose to use the Hogan Personality Assessments.

Hogan has more than 25 years of experience providing cutting-edge assessment and consulting solutions. Hogan’s assessments were developed and validated according to current professional standards.

Our coaches are certified in administering and interpreting the suite of Hogan Personality Assessments in helping clients in various contexts, whether it is individual 1-on-1 coaching as well as team dynamics coaching.

Simply put, Hogan Assessments will help you be more aware of your internal motivations (The Inside), your potential (the Bright Side) and your potential derailers (the Dark Side).

Click the button below to request free sample Hogan reports to see the powerful insights that a Hogan assessment can offer you and your team. When you’re ready to do your own assessments, get in touch with us. You may be surprised to learn how other see you is not how you see yourself and learn how that can affect your work and relationships.

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